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Aikido and whiskey talk

It has been a while since I’ve written a blog. Mainly because of lack of time and the many many great things we did in between. Like the whiskey wasting this weekend. Together with 2 of our students we went on a scavenger hunt for tasting the best whiskeys we could find. Maybe it’s the […]

Aikido Blessure

We hebben het allemaal wel eens meegemaakt of gezien bij andere aikidoka. Je loopt op de mat of daarbuiten een vervelende blessure op waardoor je een tijdje niet kan trainen. Natuurlijk baal je ervan dat je niet op de mat kan staan. Je wil zo snel mogelijk weer aan de slag maar die blessure heeft […]

Eindhoven Tips from locals

With many seminars being organized across the globe, Aikido has a vast community of city hoppers. The majority of people visiting seminars mainly attend it for the sole purpose of training which – ofcourse – is the most important. What if we could give you a reason to stick around town before and/or after our […]

Werk & Aikido combineren in San Francisco

Wat doe je als je voor het werk naar een congres in het buitenland mag ? Dan vraag je natuurlijk je sensei waar de dichtstbijzijnde dojo is . En in San Francisco had ik het geluk dat er zelfs 2 Aikikai dojo’s in de buurt zijn. Eerlijk gezegd vond ik het toch wel spannend om […]

Aikido en Casa de Papel

First we see the cast of Stranger Things on the mat in Japan practicing Aikido. And less than 2 weeks later Aikido is back in Netflix hit serie ‘La Casa de Papel’. It seems Aikido founds it’s way on TV. We’ll try to avoid spoilers, but there are no guarantees.  If you haven’t seen Casa […]

Aikido in Bali

For 3 months I have now been travelling through China and Indonesia. It has been an incredible journey so far, but unfortunately aikido hasn’t been part of it. Until yesterday.. My aikido-less journey started when I had to write day and night for my bachelor thesis.  I graduated from university in May and left for […]

Aikido advertising

Like all Aikido dojo’s, we have the same issue: advertising Aikido. Thankfully sensei Edo Slui is a creative director and has a creative view on advertising in Aikido. This way he came up with this fun way to advertise when was at the airport (coming back from an Aikido seminar… of course). The ‘wet floor […]